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Spicher and Company is a leading manufacturer of framed artwork and Vintage Vinyl Floor cloths. It is our goal to provide the most current design options at an affordable price. We display our products in key Market Centers throughout the United States. Through our leading edge design and reputation we have acquired key positions in the market place.

Spicher and Company’s numbered editions are sold only through fine galleries and high end retail stores.

Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages: @spicherandco @vintage.vinyl. If you have photos of our artwork in your business or home we’d love to see them on Facebook or Instagram!


Spicher and Company was founded in 1992 based in Carlisle PA.

Artist Kolene Spicher has a unique style and flair with her paintings that is easily recognizable. Many of the current design ideas in the market place have been a direct result of her creativity. She has decorated most of the top name department stores with her modern abstract paintings, and her designs have been used by major brands in their advertising campaigns.

The Artwork Factory, is a creative team which has been creating graphic artwork for Spicher and Company to complement Kolene’s paintings. They pursue ideas from initial brainstorming to the final framed piece.

All Spicher and Company artwork has a distinct vintage feel and many of our pieces are created to resemble times of the past.


Mark and Kolene Spicher

Market locations:

  • Atlanta – Permanent Showroom: Americas Mart Building 1 Floor 14 E15
  • High Point – Permanent Showroom: IHFC Design Center 423

We are headquartered in Central Pennsylvania. Our address is:

7072 Carlisle Pike
Carlisle Pa 17015

Phone: 877.466.1148
Fax: 877.466.1134


Spicher and Company sells to the wholesale trade. By placing an order with us, you are stating that you are an owner or representative of a valid retail business and that you are making wholesale tax exempt purchases for retail. All customers regardless of type must open with a $450 order; minimum reorder is $150. A $5 under minimum fee will be added to orders that do not reach the $150 minimum.


A Stocking Dealer is any customer who runs and maintains a brick and mortar retail firm with regular store hours and/or a web company that buys and stocks our products.

To qualify as Stocking Dealer and receive wholesale pricing, account must meet the following requirements:

  • Owns a brick and mortar retail location
  • Possess a valid resale certificate* and Pennsylvania tax exempt form (actual copy must be supplied via email or fax)

ASID / Designer:

To qualify as an ASID customer and receive designer pricing, account must meet the following requirements:

  • Present a copy of ASID membership and license number
  • Possess a valid resale certificate* and Pennsylvania tax exempt form (actual copy must be supplied via email or fax)


Any customer who is considered an Interior Designer and/or Decorator or who shows products from a home office, antique mall/stall, flea market, trunk show, home builder, buying parties, or a retailer in another industry other than that of the decor industry will be deemed Non-Stocking Dealers.

To qualify as a Non-Stocking Dealer, account must meet the following requirement: Possess a valid resale certificate* and Pennsylvania tax exempt form (actual copy must be supplied via email or fax)


Only Stocking Dealers who purchase orders of $2000 or more bi-annually are eligible for consideration in the Store Locator function on our website at


Due to the ever increasing presence of the internet and the sale of Spicher and Company products online, Spicher and Co. has adopted a policy regarding the use of the Spicher and Co. brand and sale of its products online.

Each customer remains free to establish their own in-store retail prices based on reasonable industry standards as shown below; however, a customer may not advertise or otherwise promote Spicher and Co. products over the internet at a new price (final price paid net after any discounts, coupons, or promotions) that is less than the Internet Advertising Pricing Policy (IAPP). All pricing calculations must be based on the original published stocking pricing or greater.

Nor may a customer sell Spicher and Co. products to any other person who advertises or otherwise promotes Spicher and Co. products over the internet at a price less than our IAPP policy.


MAP pricing can be seen on or may be requested at

If a customer violates this MAP policy, Spicher and Co. will request that the customer cease advertising or promoting products on the Internet. In addition, Spicher and Co. will cease accepting orders and/or shipping orders from said customer.



There is a required minimum opening order of $600 for all new accounts. All subsequent orders have a minimum reorder amount of $150. Depending on territories and concentration of the Spicher and Company line in a given area, your account may not be able to be activated (to be determined on a case-by-case basis; dependent on items and quantity purchased).



You may place orders online at If you provide your credit card at the time of checkout you will be charged right away. You have the option to wait to be charged by not providing a credit card during check out.


Contact our sales team at When submitting a purchase order via email, please include item numbers/descriptions, billing/shipping addresses, and a method of payment. If you do not wish to include your CC information in the email, please call us immediately upon placing the order so we can have a method of payment available when the order is ready to ship.

When placing an order over the phone, please have item numbers, billing/shipping address, and method of payment ready when calling, this will allow us to process your order accurately and in a timely manor.

FAX: Send orders to (717) 795-5605

Spicher and Company WILL NOT fulfill requests to ?select best sellers? or ?fill in orders?; customers can request a best-seller list from our sales team at any time. Customers must select all items for an order before contacting our sales team with a purchase order.


We require that all additions and edits you request be submitted in writing to our sales team at or via fax (717) 795-5605. This ensures that your order will be processed accurately and completely.


Due to the volume of orders we receive daily, we will process orders placed separately as separate orders; orders will only be combined and shipped together if explicitly requested by the customer in writing.

We do not suggest splitting orders, as this may delay your order due to the additional processing required. If you wish to remove items from your order to ship earlier, we require this request be submitted in writing to If a customer proceeds with splitting an order, we will assume this customer understands that separate shipping/freight fees will be applied to each order.


Upon placing an order on our website, you will be sent an order confirmation via email. PLEASE NOTE: if you do NOT receive a web order receipt, your order did not go through, please call us at (717)795-5602 so a member of our team can assist you.

Our sales team will send a confirmation email in response to any orders placed via email.


Spicher and Company does not keep ANY items in-stock, all items are MADE TO ORDER; depending on order volume, our lead time may change throughout the year. Our current lead time for framed items and Vintage VinlyTM Floorcloths is posted on our website at Lead time is subject to change based on demand for our products; we strongly suggest checking current lead times BEFORE placing an order.


We do everything possible to ship your full order within our stated lead time. Occasionally pillows may be back ordered due to our production and assembly process. Back ordered items will be marked as such on your invoice and will be shipped as soon as possible. You can check the status of your back ordered items by calling our office or emailing our sales team.


You may request a future ship date on your order, however, Spicher and Co. does not hold product to ensure your order date is met. We will do our best to accommodate requested ship dates.


Spicher and Co. will automatically send tracking information to the email address kept in our customer profile for orders shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground; if you need to update your contact information, please email or call (717) 795-5602.


We are willing to provide shipping cost estimates but require that customers provide exact delivery address in order to create accurate quotes. Spicher and Co. reminds customers that all shipping costs given before the order is shipped are to be used as ESTIMATES and are subject to change once the order is complete and ready to ship.


FOR YOUR PROTECTION: if you wish to cancel and order, you must do so IN WRITING via fax or email. Your cancellation request will be acknowledged via email/fax by a member of our sales team. If your order ships and you request to return it, or stop it in transit, you will be responsible for all transportation costs to and from our warehouse as well as a 20% restocking fee. If you refuse to pay for it as a means of resolution, your account will be deactivated immediately.


Please note that rush options may change depending on current order volume, ALWAYS check with our sales team when requesting a rush.


we always offer a rush for orders containing ONLY framed artwork/prints


depending on order volume, we may or may not offer an option to rush orders containing Vintage VinylTM


Total order under $400.00: $10.00

Total order over $400.00: 2.5% of the total order


Spicher and Company is always open to accommodating requests for customized items.


Items that are listed as ?Create Your Own? have a design fee included in the cost of the item; prices can be found on our website at


We are happy to help customers with specific size requirements; we remind our customers that not every pattern will be able to fit exact dimensions due to the aspect ratio of the pattern. When requesting a quote, please provide pattern number, color, and preferred dimensions, we will do our best to have a quote returned to you within 24 hours.


All customized items (other than Create Your Own) will be charged a design fee. Design fees are either $10 or $39 depending on the change requested, and an additional $39/half-hour of design work; a design fee estimate will be provided and must be approved in writing before any proofs can be sent. A design fee deposit will be charged after written approval of design fee is received; the deposit will be applied to the final design fee on a customer’s invoice. NO PROOFS OR PRODUCED ITEMS WILL BE SENT WITHOUT RECEIPT OF A DESIGN FEE DEPOSIT.


A list of moulding types is available upon request; items that have been purchased without standard/listed moulding are NON-RETURNABLE, all standard moulding for items is listed on our website at Up charges may be applied for certain moulding types; please contact our sales team with any questions regarding frame/moulding options.


We do not offer ANY returns/exchanges/refunds once an order is produced.


Your order total will be charged before production and your shipping charges will be charged the day the order ships. Opening orders MUST be paid via credit card.


We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Customers are encouraged to provide a method of payment at the time the order is placed to avoid delays in processing the order.


Spicher and Co. highly discourages the use of Debit Cards. By using such cards as a form of payment, you assume all risk and all fees, withdraws and overdrafts associated with the use of the card. Spicher and Co. will not accept any liability and will process all orders just like standard credit cards.


We accept checks as a form of payment, however, we require that the check be received before the order can be shipped so this may delay shipment of your order.

NET 30:

Terms may be established after the opening order has been placed and paid for via credit card. Terms may take up to 4 weeks to establish and we require customers to provide a credit reference sheet with as many trade partners as possible. You may email or fax your credit reference sheet to our sales team at or (717)795-5605.


Net 30 accounts are due 30 days from the date of invoice, not the date that the product is received, regardless of the chosen shipping method.

Accounts that become Past Due more than 30 days, or are continually paid late, will revert back to Credit Card terms.

All order will be held on Net 30 accounts which are late.


Invoices are included on all orders sent to Stocking Dealers, ASID customers and Non-Stocking Dealers unless otherwise requested. Spicher and Co. will never include invoices on orders that are being drop shipped. If a packing slip is sent with an order via email, we can attach to the order upon shipping.


All SRP prices are listed on our website at If you wish to view wholesale prices on our website, you must create an account; once your account is approved, you will be able to see wholesale prices for ALL items.

Price changes and misprints/published pricing on the web that is inaccurate will not be honored and pricing is subject to change over time.


If a credit card is NOT provided when an order is placed, we will call 5-10 business days before the order ships for payment information. If we cannot reach a customer by phone, we will email the address on file. We will attempt to acquire payment 5 times, on the 5th attempt, a final notice will be issued. If ours sales team does not receive payment within 1 week of final notice, the order will be canceled.



You have 5 business days to report a damage claim to Spicher and Co. – any damage claim received after the 5 business days will not be filed

You MUST inspect the package AND product upon delivery If you see damage to a Spicher and Co. package, NOTE IT TO THE DRIVER/DELIVERY PERSON ? DO NOT SIGN FOR THE BOX WITHOUT NOTING DAMAGE


Freight damage must be held up to 90 days per carrier or until claim is resolved. Photos of any damage (to product and/or packaging) MUST be emailed to in order to complete the damage claim.

Customers may either request a refund, credit, or a replacement for a damaged item. Please instruct our sales team how you would like to proceed when sending photos of damages.


Spicher and Company has a distinctive look and feel. Our products are not intended to look new and in fact should more closely resemble a vintage product or found item. ALL VINTAGE VINYLTM FLOORCLOTHS ARE INTENTIONALL DISTRESSED, photos can be seen on our website at, high-resolution images can be sent upon request.

We suggest that any stocking dealer/ASID/non-stocking dealer emphasis this to their customers as we DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURNS on Vintage VinylTM Floorcloths unless they are damaged during shipment or production (see below for full explanation of Spicher and Co.’s return policy).


Colors represented in the catalog and on all photography are a representation only and is not an accurate depiction of the entire color or finish. It is highly recommended that you not design around or pick colors based entirely on any photographic representation.

For Vintage VinylTM Floorcloths, we sell our Designer’s Companion Swatch Pack; it includes all patterns and colors currently available and is the best representation of what the floorcloth colors will be.


We do our best to ensure our customers receive exactly what they order, to help us ensure order accuracy, please have item numbers ready when placing your order. PLEASE NOTE: ALL VINTAGE VINYLTM FLOORCLOTHS HAVE DISTINCT ITEMS NUMBERS FOR EACH PATTERN, COLOR, AND SIZE. If you receive an incorrect item or a piece is missing from your shipment, you must contact our sales team within 5 business days of receiving your order. Spicher and Co. will issue email return labels via UPS for any incorrect items that are being returned to our warehouse in exchange for other items. PLEASE keep and use original packaging for all returns to ensure safe delivery.


Spicher and Co. does not accept returns; if you insist on returning a product, you must pay a 20% restocking fee plus all shipping charges to and from the Spicher and Co. warehouse. Credit will not be applied until the product is received and has been determined to be in salable condition. Spicher and Co. reserves the right to deny the credit if the product is deemed to be in non-salable condition.

As noted above, Spicher and Co. Vintage VinylTM Floorcloths may NOT be returned or exchanged unless they are damaged. Photos of the damage must be sent to



Products are shipped as soon as possible. Orders are billed 1-5 business days in advance of shipping. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE INSPECTED WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS OF RECEIPT, DAMAGE/MISSING ITEM CLAIMS FILED AFTER THE 5 DAYS WILL BE DENIED.

We do not accept returns directly from retail customers.

You may supply your own FedEx, UPS, or DHL account number for small package shipments Customers supplying their own shipping account for international freight must schedule their own pick up and provide labels and a bill of lading.

Please note that certain items in the Spicher and Co. line are shipped in packages that are considered ?over sized? by UPS Ground and will carry an additional fee.

Framed items 30 x 40 or larger will be shipped via UPS freight in order to avoid damaging the item during shipping.

Shipping costs is determined at time of shipping; it will be approximately 12% of your order total We will always do our best to minimize shipping cost for our customers.


Spicher and Company ships all small package shipments via FedEx ground. If you require expedited shipping, you must submit a request to our sales team at, or specify shipping method when submitting your purchase order.


We offer international shipping for both small package and freight orders. We ship all international orders via UPS. If a customer wishes to use their own shipping account using a company other than UPS, they must schedule the pick up and provide labels/bill of lading/customs documents for the order. All customs fees will be charged to the receiver.


Wood crate fee – $30.00
Residential delivery – $26.50
Lift gate fee – $35.00
Domestic island fee – $135.00



Receiving locations, website customers, consumers, clients, etc.


All items can be drop shipped (including freight, please see above for additional charges associated with residential delivery)


A flat $5.00 fee is added to drop ship orders; this will take the place of the $5.00 under minimum fee if your order is under $150.


Spicher and Company
7072 Carlisle Pike | Carlisle, PA 17015
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